Paraspinal Thermography

Paraspinal Thermography
The most important instrument a chiropractor can use is a thermography unit.  This machine compares the temperature on the left and right side of the spine and lets the chiropractor know when and more importantly when to adjust.  It is non-invasive.

Postural Analysis

Posture is the chiropractor’s window to the spine. If any spinal bone is out of alignment, the body will compensate by pulling muscles on one side of the body. The presence of posture imbalance indicates a problem with the spine.

Specific Adjustments

Not all adjustments are created equal.  At Live Free Chiropractic, we use a specific analysis to determine what needs to be adjusted at each visit. Our adjustments are low force and gentle. There is no cracking, popping, or jerking of the neck.  Due to the precision of the adjustment, fewer visits are needed in order to see maximum results.

Prenatal and Pediatric Adjustments

Not all spines are the same and we take that into careful consideration when adjusting children and pregnant women. We use a specialized technique to address the spines of infants and children and the adjustments are gentle and low force. We also evaluate a pregnant woman’s spine and pelvis differently than the normal adult because of the added stress and imbalance..