Paraspinal Thermography

Paraspinal Thermography
The most important instrument a chiropractor can use is a thermography unit.  This machine compares the temperature on the left and right side of the spine and lets the chiropractor know when and more importantly when to adjust.  It is non-invasive.

Postural Analysis

Posture is the chiropractor’s window to the spine. If any spinal bone is out of alignment, the body will compensate by pulling muscles on one side of the body. The presence of posture imbalance indicates a problem with the spine.

Upper Cervical Adjustments

Not all adjustments are created equal.  An Upper Cervical Adjustment is gentle, specific, and powerful. There is no cracking, popping, or jerking of the neck.  Due to the precision of the adjustment, fewer visits are needed in order to see maximum results.

Digital X – Ray

Knowing your anatomy is extremely important in making a specific adjustment to the spine.  As a chiropractor it is essential to have precise x-rays to know where and how to make an adjustment.  Digital X-rays allow the chiropractor to analyze the spine and deliver the most specific and precise adjustment.

Resting Room

Resting after a specific chiropractic adjustment is very important.  Resting enables the vertebra that was adjusted to settle into it’s proper position and stabilize itself.  Resting beds are provided to ensure that your body holds the adjustment as long as possible for maximum healing.

Doula Services

Dr. Alli provides prenatal and labor doula services to her clients. This includes emotional and moral support during pregnancy as well as labor and delivery. This service is provided on an individual basis and is limited to 2 clients per month.