Whether you are a competitive athlete, triathlete, cros-ffitter, or yogi, chiropractic care can greatly benefit you. Physical activity can create problems with your spine and joints from repetitive motions and increased forces on your body. The spine is your body’s foundation and in order to be at your peak performance, your spine must be in proper alignment. For example, if a runner’s spine is out of alignment, the hips could be uneven, causing more pressure on one leg more than the other. This could lead to low back, hip, knee, or ankle/foot problems over time. Chiropractic adjustments help keep your spine in alignment, allowing muscle balance, increased muscle control, and optimal performance at any physical activity you perform.

 Additionally, any activities or sports that involve contact to the head and neck could cause permanent damage to the spine and nervous system if not corrected. Such activities include football, hockey, crosffit, yoga, and gymnastics. Staying fit and at your optimal best is important, but an injury can set you back in training for days, weeks, months, or even years. Chiropractic adjustments enhance your athletic performance naturally and in the least invasive way possible. By adjusting the spine, your nervous system is able to function optimally and control and coordinate your muscles, ligaments, and joints reducing the chance of injury and increasing your body’s healing capabilities.

 Children playing sports are often susceptible to injuries and it is important to address any spinal abnormalities at a young age in order to prevent problems later in their athletic career. At Live Free, we value fitness in the community and offer a complimentary screening for local youth sports teams.